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Sleek MakeUP 'Enchanted Forest' eyeshadow palette

Another beautiful palette from Sleek MakeUP

This Enchanted Forest palette has the cutest names, derived from Fairytales. With a mixture of matte shadows and pretty shimmery ones; the purples and greens, this palette is right up my alley.

This palette would be great for adding that pop of colour this Autumn on your smokey eyes.

Here is a photo of the palette with the name sheet.
Swatch time:
First row: Glass Slipper (Matte light skin tone), Beatrice (Matte plum), Perla (Shimmery sky blue), Fairy Godmother (Shimmery muted gold), Grand Duke (Shimmery Navy Blue), Drizella (Shimmery Khaki brown)

Second row: Pumpkin (Shimmery gold), Prince Charming (Matte Teal), Happily Ever After (Shimmery Light Green), Anastasia (Matte Deep Plum), Daphne (Matte Dark Green) and Lady Tremaine (Slight glitter on a dark brown, hint of purple)

As usual, Sleek MakeUP, buttery awesome quality eyeshadows. 
I love the variety of colours that are on this palette. Would love to have that one medium brown matte eyeshadow to complete it. 

Perfect eyeshadows for this autumn and endless possibility for colour combinations. 

This is a must for your collection. 
Check it out in stores.

I got this palette with the Force of Nature palette for £10, £5 each?!!! What? That's 2 for £10 in Superdrug. Keep an eye out for deals.

This retails for £7.99 normally in Boots, Superdrug and SleekMakeUP.com.

Hope you enjoy this review, Thanks for reading.

Karen x

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